Why Monopolies Don’t Help Consumers or Performers

Recently I found out that Jon Stewart who is one of my all time favorites and frankly kind of a hero is coming to perform in Minneapolis. I was really really excited and clicked on the pre-sale link to go get my tickets. I went all the way through to the point of purchase when I realized it was going to cost me an extra $14.30 per ticket. I was only buying two tickets and I’ve always known and complained about those extra costs that you get charged but this time it was a deal breaker. That’s quite a bit of money for the ‘convienence’. Whose convienence is this anyway?


The sad part is that the seats aren’t even that good. It’s in the back right, seats 3 and 4 section T-HH.


I told this story to some friends, all friends that would jump to go see Jon Stewart, and they had the same reaction. An extra $14.30 for what? If I really knew what this was for I might consider paying it. I also remember that these fees did not used to be this high.

Sadly, I will not get to see my hero perform because I just can’t justify an extra almost $30 bucks for my sweetie and me to go line the monopolies pocket. This isn’t good for consumers and it is definitely not good for performers. It was hard making the call to not pay the extra for Jon Stewart but what about other lesser know acts. It will be much easier for me and I imagine others to say, eh, I’m skipping it.

I’m just sayin……

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