The Apple TV

I haven’t taken the time to properly rave about my new AppleTV. It took me a week or so to stop calling it the ITV. There is another product with that name. This one is the AppleTV.

AppleTV on AppleTV
AppleTV on AppleTV

Anyway, this product was pretty much custom made for us. We went to basic cable about a year or so ago. We’ve been getting our content through ITunes, which has worked, but it’s too easy to get way behind on your Daily Shows, so it wasn’t optimal.

Now it’s all in our living room thanks to the Apple TV.

This is going to change things. The biggest discovery that hit me when I sat down to watch it. (I was out of town when it showed up and my husband set it up while I was gone-thanks Thomas) Anyway, the biggest discovery that hit me was that all of a sudden, anybody could be in my living room. Same as network TV, cable TV, etc. Because of the podcasts I subscribe to on ITunes, anyone can be in my living room entertaining me.

That may not seem like a big deal, but just wait. Just think about that for a minute. Right now I’m watching old zefranks because there aren’t any new ones. 😦

ZeFrank on AppleTV
ZeFrank on AppleTV

One of the first things I brought up was my podcast. Little ol me with my microphone and my photoshop put this podcast together weekly, PoemOfTheWeek, which is sadly behind schedule at the moment, and that podcast can be in anyone’s living room.

Evol on the Apple TV
Evol on the Apple TV

It uses ITunes (which is free) and this device, the AppleTV, which is under $300 and all of a sudden all the Internet content, doesn’t have to be watched on the computer.

I like Apple, they make things for me. Maybe I’m in a small little group, but it definitely feels like they understand us.


  1. You are not in a small group. There is a huge group out there who appreciate Apple TV. All the people that are into podcasts on any subject available are into Apple TV. A Giant iPod in Your Livingroom. It’s perfect!

    And it does support HDTV Podcasts and HD or other video from your home movies or other videos on your PC or MAC. And it will get better over time. This is only the first release. Like you, we love our shiny new Apple TV.

    Good Luck!

    Alan from Pittsburgh.

    Also, do you have a podcast of your own? What is the name, and can you provide a link to it here? Thanks!

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