What I Did On My Autumn Vacation (so far)

I’m on vacation. It’s one of those stay at home vacations and do what you feel like doing kind of weeks. It’s been crammed with activity and non-activity. One thing I’m finding is that my darn Catholic guilt from childhood keeps creeping in making it hard to relax. I think I managed to finally feel relaxed mid yesterday. I know-it’s really sad. We all have our burdens, this one isn’t the worst I can think of……but it can be really annoying to feel that you must be productive at all times. I’m working on getting over that.

Now for the activity part.

I did get out this weekend. Went to see the Skullcranes on Saturday night at the NE Minneapolis venue Club Underground in the basement of the Spring Street Tavern. The Skullcranes have an album coming out soon. I’ll make sure to announce it here on the blog as it will have a photo or two of mine in it. I also checked out the first NorthStar Roller Girls match. Two of my friends are in it and they kicked some A**. Saturday night was full.

Sunday began with a family brunch. After brunch and gift opening (our anniversary is on Halloween) we went home and continuted on our journey of watching all the Battlestar Galactica’s. It’s in season three and we’d only watched the mini series so we still have catching up to do. The evening plans included a night of music as we headed to the Bob Dylan concert with acoustic Foo Fighters opening. Oh the Foo Fighters. Even in acoustic mode they ROCK HARD. I love you Dave Grohl. He’s so funny, talented, confident and relaxed. It was an incredibly intimate show even though it was at the xCel energy center in St. Paul, MN. It was my first Bob Dylan show and I wasn’t so sure about Bob and his band until about 6 or 7 songs in. They were really stiff at first and of course there was the annoying crowd surrounding me which didn’t help. After that 6th or 7th song though, they relaxed and actually looked like they were having a little fun and then it got much better.

Monday was a day of sloth and watching an awful MN Vikings game. That darn Tom Brady always seems to smush us hard. Of course I felt guilty but I did accomplish some sloth.

Tuesday, Halloween, was our 9th anniversary. We had a slow, restful day. We had two meals out. Salad for lunch and the fancy and wonderful Ruth’s Chris steakhouse for dinner. This year the service lacked punctuality. It felt like the meal was in slow motion. I tried to not let it get to me, but alas, I think I was a little too affected by the lack of perfection. I’ve been so impressed every time I’ve dined there, this time they didn’t live up to those past expectations they had set. And there were lots of old people there in sweats. That didn’t help the ambience. 😉

And Wednesday, yesterday, was another day of relative sloth. My husband accomplished ethernet connection in our sun room, but I didn’t do as much. Oh well, gotta get over that guilt for not getting anything done. I’m always getting stuff done. Sometimes it’s ok to be a slacker.

On that note, I’m headed off to enjoying the rest of my vacation and hopefully not accomplishing much more except relaxing and playing.

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