Don’t Be Greedy

Two examples of greed that pretty much messed up the people being greedy. If you have so much, my question to you is, why do you need so much more? Here are some examples of why it seems to be a bad idea:

Friendster was greedy. They could’ve sold to Google for 30 million. Apparently that wasn’t enough. Hmmmmm, wonder how much they ended up with? Probably not 30 mil.

And the leader of our fair health insurance giant, William McGuire, got a little greedy too. Turns out that multi-million dollar salary wasn’t enough. He had to get into the nitty gritty and back date options to pump it up just a little more. Consequences look to be a bit more dire for him. They are deciding as I write if he gets to keep his job. That might not be the worst of it either when all is said and done.

Why do people have to be so GREEDY? It’s nice to see consequences for this greed action come to fruition once in awhile.

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