That’s The Thing About Power

You just can’t hold on indefinitely to power in the United States. Things were looking pretty grim these past 6 years. So many very bad things have been ignored because of the fear factor. But you just can’t stop the salaciousness of a scandal such as the page scandal going on right now. No matter what you do.

Somehow gutting civil liberties, ignoring warnings of terroist threats, going to war because you wanted to and lying about it, cutting taxes and putting the country into unconscionable debt, and outting CIA agents and just wasn’t enough to make people wake up.

But it really hard to get behind a party that thinks its not that big of a deal to have powerful people soliciting illeagal acts from children. Maybe, just maybe this is the one that broke the camels back? The thing that might just save us, it’s really hard for our ‘beloved’ press to ignore a ‘sex scandal’. Way to go Foley and all the others that knew about it and just looked the other way. You may have just started the turn. It’s really hard to hold on to power indefinitely.

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