Special Needs Pets

We just found out this week that our second dog, Pascal, has diabetes. It seemed like such a sad thing at first until we realized it only means one of us has to be home every twelve hours. Over three decades into my life this is my first ‘real responsibility’. My little doggie needs his shots and that’s not negotiable. So as my husband and I work toward finding that magic time every twelve hours in our day, I think about how grateful I am that I live in a time and place that makes it real easy to cope with something that could have taken him away from me in another time and place.

We started this morning (our time is 6:30). That’s why I’m blog posting at 8 am on a Saturday. Oh dear, I think I may have turned that corner from young to old. 😉 I’m not even having a problem being up this early on a Saturday…..

One comment

  1. Hey Jen – so sorry to hear about your Pascal. As you know, my kitty Pearl has been chronically ill for over a year now. It was a huge new responsibility for me also, and I still struggle with it. But our pets are our family – so you do what you have to do. And BTW – you can always go back to bed after the morning shot!

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