My Doctor Set Me Free

I was set free yesterday by a doctor I was seeing for some problems that started 4 years ago. It was a big milestone. I started to see him in November of 2002. I had some really scary bloodwork happening and he’s a specialist. I was sent there by my GP. He was cautious with me. He explained so calmly that the situation was right on the brink. I realized I had the power to save myself from a lifetime of irreversible damage. He found out that I had B12 deficiency. If you have this your body doesn’t absorb B12, so you need monthly shots. It’s simple, but if you don’t get it, you could have nerve damage that can’t be fixed. He also had me take a bone marrow biopsy. I wasn’t really freaked out at the time, but now I look back and think, “wow, I probably should have been freaked out”. But it was my doctor that soothed my fears. He was so calm when he explained our next steps. Even though he was succeeding in communicating that the tests we were undergoing were serious, he made me feel safe. He made me feel like he was going to take care of me no matter what was wrong.

So he found the B12 deficit, he got me on monthly shots. I now give myself the shots. I’ve come to live with the abnormality within the routine of my life. He also inspired me to start fixing my health. I pretty much stopped drinking soda the next day. From there I continued and to this day continue a life long journey toward health.

My actions have made a difference. My strange readings are back to normal. The doctor said we didn’t need to follow up anymore. I seem to have made it through this scare and don’t need him anymore. He set me free. I feel proud of how I took control and continue to this day to stay conscious of my health and pay attention to my actions every day. It was almost like a graduation. I felt a tremendous amount of gratitude and accomplishment. It’s really helpful to have some professional assistance, but in the end, we all to have to save ourselves.

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