A Journey to the Land of Enchantment

I just returned from a trip to New Mexico (aka Land of Enchantment) to visit my ‘crazy’ ‘artist’ uncle. It was wonderful to see him. I’ve spent time with him over the years. This trip was all about spending quality time together. He’s taught me many things over the years. One of the biggest things he’s taught me is my history. Meeting him for the first time in his own home on his own turf as an adult was such a huge AHA moment for me. I never understood where I got so many traits until I met him. My dad had many of these traits too, but it was easier to see what biology had contributed to my demeanor when I understood him as a person.

He’s an amazing artist. I was able to photography two of his shows in the past several years and those photos are in my gallery. The Life Is Good show and the Hang Me Downs show both displayed at the now defunct Gallery 211 in Gallup, NM. He views it as his job and he produces work. I got to see the latest body of work entitled ’33 1/3′ this visit. I’ve got some amazing pictures too that I’m going to post soon.

It’s a beautiful place, but it’s also a hard place. There is extreme poverty there. It’s so frustrating too. Much of it comes from a basic lack of care for the humans. People don’t have a reason to go on, so of course, they become desperate. Wouldn’t you be desperate if you had no job, no possibility of a job, no education, no tools to make your life better? I know that I would be desperate in that situation. So instead of being humane, it’s a drug war, an immigration war and real war. Then the legislators talk about things like gay marriage and flag burning! Seriously…..(ooops, didn’t mean to digress into politics, but when you see things like this and this it makes you really start to put together the pieces…….

Beauty and extreme poverty living side by side. The desert and the sky creating the landscapes that seem like they’d only exist in a dream. Nuevo Mexico!

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