If You Put It Out There, It Will Find A Friend

I haven’t heard people talking about this, but it’s definitely happening. Things that get put out there on the Internet find people to look at them. Maybe it’s a few friends listening to your new rock song ala myspace. I have found that this digital world has given me so many more ways to interact and create. Better yet, so many more ways to share that creation with friends. I feel so lucky. All of these ways of creating are becoming more accessible. If you have something to say, it’s so much easier to find people that want to listen. We are all more connected now. I know there are people that fear all this time people spend on computers these days but those people are not taking into account what is being done during that time and the growth and human connection that really is occurring.

The world is changing. I guess I’m just constantly amazed and excited by it. It’s really fun to watch, experience and participate in.

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