Festival of Sales

This Saturday was my neighborhood garage sale. I know lots of neighborhoods get together and have multi-family gargage sales and such, but this one must be seen to be believed. It’s organized too! We sign up to be part of the sales, pay the Scouts our $8.50, and we get a listing and maps for the day of the sale. YES, maps. It’s big. Most people that have never experienced can’t quite believe it. It’s fun, but exhausting. I think I might be fully recovered by Monday morning.

People milling about at the sale.
People milling about at the sale.

Vendors come into the neighborhood and sell standard Minnesota fair food. Note the corn dogs and cheese curds sign in the upper right of the pic. We get mini donuts too! I didn’t get a picuture of that sign because I was too busy shopping while Thomas picked up the sweets.

More people milling about
More people milling about

This is one of over 300 sales. We’ve all got alot of junk in our houses! But one man’s junk is another’s treasure…..

Jonah loves fries just like daddy!
Jonah loves fries just like daddy!

Our friend Jonah came over to help. He’s enjoying his lunch. mmmmmmm fries


Here’s Jonah with his pretty mommy. At this point I think Jonah’s dad was trying to get people to take the rest of the ‘rummage’ for a buck a bag. Price things to go!

Thomas and I got a chance to step away from our sale. He’s just taking it all in here.

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