A New Kind Of Content Freedom

Just the basic cable. That’s what we’ve done. We’ve downgraded. Most people didn’t have the crazy amount of content coming into their home that we did. But this weekend we realized after months of suspicion, There is nothing on tv. There are so many channels. There is nothing on. It’s on the Internet.

We had recently (within the past year) switched from DirectTV to Time Warner cable. It was a definite downgrade to do that. We had our reasons at the time. I don’t remember what those reasons were anymore……

Then there was cable. And cable is even worse. So bad in fact that we have freed ourselves from it. Again, all the content is on the Internet. We did the math. If we bought everything non-network (which is what basic cable gets us…) we’d have to watch over 50 pieces of content in a month at $2 a shot. (that’s the going rate on iTunes) It’s not likely that we’ll do that, so, bye bye cable, hello iTunes.

If you’ve got good content, people will pay to see it without commercials. Huh.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love the future.

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