Thanks to Bill Maher.

I want to thank Bill Maher for the broadcast of his show, Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday. He is always interesting, funny and controversial. These are given attributes that I can depend on him to fulfill. The episode Friday really hit home for me more than usual though. He presented the notion that there is just as much ‘zealotry’ (not his word) on the left as the right. He brought up the example about the president of Harvard. He essentially lost his job because he brought up the question about women and biology and other stuff. The point is he raised legitimate scientific questions and the left reacted as harshly as the right.

This is not helping. We need to keep the floor open for discussion. I guess that’s not the stuff of good sound bites, but it’s what we should be talking about. So thank you Bill Maher for talking about it.

An example of this open debate in action: I disagree with things Bill Maher says. I respect his right to different opinions.

That’s all we’re talking about. We need tolerance and conversation people. To quote the cliche of cliche’s, ‘Why can’t we all just get along……?’

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