The Thing About California Is….

that they have winter here too. I was pretty excited to go to California on a work trip in January. I mean getting out of the midwest is usually considered a very good thing. It’s not cold here, but it’s rainy and cloudy. It’s winter here too. It’s more of a bummer than you might think.

However, it’s definitely helped me reaffirm that I really like where I live. Minnesota is pretty great. I don’t mind weather. I would actually really miss it. And I do have a chance of seeing the sun more frequently during those long, cold, winter months. And I’m pretty sure, I won’t have to worry about the ground underneath me in Minnesota. Although there was an earthquake in Morris, MN. (where I went to school, but not WHEN I went to school)

“It’s all about the level of risk you are willing to live with….” said a friend. I agree with that. I’m willing to live with the outside chance of a random tornado that I’ve been warned about well in advance or a nasty thunderstorm dropping some big branches on my house as opposed to the things I’d be constantly worried about if I lived in California. We all make choices. That’s my choice and I’m stickin to it.

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