My Blog Is Almost One Year Old

In anticipation of the one year anniversary of my blog, I’m getting in some additional posts.

One thing I find amazing about the blog is that you get to see the accumlation over time. That is really cool. I saw a Roger Rosenblatt essay about ‘a body of work,’ on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer once that really brought this idea home.

We are not all of a sudden artists or writers or musicians or anything. We become these and other things over time. We accumulate bits and pieces of art or music or words or whatever it is your body of work consists of and you put it together day by day, week by week, month by month. You must have the discipline (that’s my word of the year) to keep plugging away at whatever it is your passion drives you to do. And then, one day, you will get to look back over your shoulder and there it will be. Your body of work, in progress.

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