Oprah for President

I swear she could win. The thing is she should. She cares about people. She is powerful and rich and loved by millions. Talk about somebody that could motivate non-voters to get out there and vote.

It took something like the hurricane to show the world very viscerally, the rich powerful politicians DO NOT care about you. You know, the person that pays taxes. The republicans are concerned with ‘never having to say you’re sorry’. You people are freaks. It is not healthy to behave that way. It’s ok to admit your wrong. I think it’s called, oh I don’t know, Accountability. I remember George talking about that when he ran for president against Al Gore. He also said emphatically that he would not nation build. Iraq is a collassal abuse of my tax money and it’s nation building.

And the Democrats, they don’t really care either. Howard Dean cares about the people. I believe John Kerry does too. He’s a good man. But sadly just no match for the puppet freaks. Not organized enough. Can’t grab the attention of the voting American. And can’t inspire non-voters to vote.


She’s kind, inquisitive, inspring and smart. People love Oprah. We need a big shake up. I’d prefer a world with more compassion. We hear about it now, compassionate conservative. I’d like some proof please.

Think about it


say it with me…

‘Oprah for President.’


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