Photoshop as a painting/photography medium.

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop again. I like playing with the pictures I take, so much can be altered from the original. So much can stay the same. I’m having fun with colors.

This one is part of a series:

fire self portrait of evoljen
fire self portrait of evoljen

I am doing the work for two reasons

1. to track progress: I am taking these photos as part of a documentation of a new skin care regimen I have undergone. I wanted to see if it really made my skin look healthier and seeing is believing. It’s anthropological.

2. to engage in an artistic endeavor: inspired by two favorite artists, Chuck Close, who said ‘the process will set you free’ and documentarian Morgan Spurlock who shows us 30 days can change us.

Getting to know the canvas of something familiar may be the most challenging. It’s hard to look inside these days when there is so much external noise.

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