MPR Made Their Funding Goal Yesterday

So many great radio moments happened this week on the Current.

Mary Lucia playing FogHat and then throwing it in our faces. She talked about how great it was that she could DO that. She wanted people to pledge and I know at least one friend of mine that did just because of that. I’m pretty sure she made her point with a few others too.

And then, the last day, the last moments before the drive ended, the web site crashed because so many people were trying to get in and bring it home to meet the goal. It was the same on the other stations, I was flipping between the channels. I love MPR and the drama at the end when they are so close is really good radio.

So on the current, they said ‘we think we made it, this is huge, it’s gigantic….” and then started playing Gigantic by the Pixies. And I have to be honest, I was driving to the store in my Saturn wagon and I just turned it up really loud and celebrated. I LOVE the fact that this community can support MPR. We are so freakin lucky that we live amongst like-minded people that will band together and make it happen.

I personally want to thank everyone who is a member and is doing as much as they can. I’m doing my part, but it wouldn’t matter without everyone else doing the same. Thanks fellow citizens. 🙂

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