Who Doesn’t Like Sesame Street?

This is really going too far.

“This programming is not simply — it’s not supposed to be the personal playhouse of the left wing in this country.” That’s what George Neumayer claimed this evening on the The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. You can read the entire transcript if you like.

The thing is, there’s no proof. Public television and radio are left wing playgrounds? Those are very strong accusations to throw around without proof.

Commercial media is abhorrent. I have no respect left for journalists other than the journalists on PBS and NPR and all the local affiliates. They are the only journalists left that aren’t driven by market forces.

And as for the fact that the American taxpayer is paying SO MUCH MONEY to fund this liberal playground. Here are the facts.

* UK: $210 per household, Japan: $240 per household
* U.S.: $1.25 per person
* PBS is the least publicly funded public broadcaster in any democratic country

So each of us is paying $1.25 a year for public broadcasting? How much am I paying for that war that I thought was a terrible idea? Why do I have to pay for that again?

This will rip the insides out of rural America. Take away Sesame Street, go ahead. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I wonder what the children will say when there is no more Big bird. You were so worried about what to tell the children when president Clinton lied, what will you tell them about this?

Just wondering.

Republican, democrat, sick of it or just don’t care? If you like Sesame Street, please tell your Congressperson. Please do something……

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