1. I have been trying for over a month to change the date on my return ticket. The fact that I have a friend dying of cancer doesnt seem to have any effect on their little minds. They are nothing but another big American business who has lost touch. Down with the dollar and down with NWA. May they go the way of so many other US companies where greed and lack of interest in helping customers leads to their demise. I will keep trying and if they do for some reason come through will let you all know.

  2. Talk about liars! I booked my tickets through Travelocity.com, found out I’ll be flying with Northwest Airlines. So I called NWA to get seating assignments ahead of time, since I’ll be traveling on 12/24/07. They tell me I need to purchase seat assignments so that I can be guaranteed to sit together since I’ll be traveling w/ 2 4-yr olds, and one 6 yr old. So I purchase, yet I only get 3 of assigned seats, they claim they cant’ get into the 4th one because it’s blocked off. Well, they charged me $60 for the the seating, even though it wasn’t complete. I ask for them to cancel it, and they supposedly could not cancel it. Then, the next rep. I talk to pretty much says that no matter what, we would have been able to sit together since she could find open seats. They tell you one thing to get more of your money, then they don’t complete it, and then they rub it in your face that you didn’t really have to purchase at all!!!!

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