We were standing in the fairly small crowd at the 400 bar. My husband and two of our good friends. We had been here before. We had been here before to see the same band we were here to see now. I’ve seen incarnations of that band many, many times. Friday night it was Crooked Fingers and it felt like one of those moments. It was familiar and right. I’ve seen Eric play in Archers of Loaf, as himself and in Crooked Fingers. I’ve seen Crooked Fingers play a few times. It was never as good as this. He’s beefed up the band. He brought Matt in. Matt the crazy bassist. Matt that rocks. When we all realized he was added back into the mix it was pretty exciting. We saw the band and it felt great. Watching musicians evolve as you evolve yourself in life. Nothing stays the same and that’s fantastic. It’s amazing to have reminders of that. Some things you keep coming back to in life. Entertainment, enjoyment, and a little bit of karmic satisfaction. Thanks for coming to Minneapolis again, Crooked Fingers , we love you.

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