We do need them. We need activities that engage us in something we want to do. An intellectual fulfillment, a way to escape, creative outlet. These are different ways I’ve heard my friends describe their hobbies.

I didn’t really have a hobby until about two or three years ago. I had always really loved to take pictures, but never gave it very much thought. Some people told me I had a good eye and I appreciated the compliment.

When my husband and I bought our first digital camera with the potential to print quality photos, that’s when I realized, this was something I needed to spend more time on. He worked for a company that created digital camera backs for really high end cameras that only professional’s used. He built the software that would run their latest camera back. He got to play with this amazing camera attachment as part of his job. I always thought that was pretty amazing. Due to this experience, he really wanted one as soon as it was remotely feasible for us to purchase a digital camera. Well, we bought one of the early Kodaks, DC-10 I believe. We really like the whole digital picture taking experience, but the pictures kind of, well, sucked.

It wasn’t until the Nikon CoolPix came out with it’s cool form factor that let you rotate the lens. That camera changed everything for me. It was a gradual emergence. I finally ended up taking a class from a local artist and his guidance cinched it. He encouraged me, my vision, and my exploration. I really appreciated that. It was inspiring.

Ever since then my husband has been giving me photographic tools for birthdays and other gift giving occasions. Slowly I have built a collection of pieces that assemble an entire on-the-go studio. Taking pictures is my hobby. I reallly love it. It doesn’t help that I can use Photoshop too. That just makes it that much easier to create anything out of that image you’ve captured. You can add to it, subtract to it, combine it with other images, it’s creative fuel.

And this is why we need hobbies. We need a way to escape the things we have to do and the things we should do and just do what we want to do. Life doesn’t allow a great deal of time for it, but you deserve it. Go get a hobby!

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